Assyari In Simple Story Record

Assyari Abdullah assalamualaikum wr wb
hi…… all of you………………….
Let me introduce myself, my name is  Assyari Abdullah. Call me arie, Assyari,  Ibnu Abdullah, or whatever! I study in  Major Science of Communication,  Dakwah and Science of Communication  Faculty of State Islamic University  Sultan Sarif Kasim Riau Provis with c oncentration Public Relation 5  Smestert and I don’t know what I  wanna be, I just go with the flow and  believe that everyone have their own  life. About me, I’m just ordinary 22  years old boy who love to laugh, and  live happily with my family, friends, and also I Have’n my beloved girlfriend. What should I say about my life? So full of colors and I thank to God for every single day I’ve done. Look at them, my family. Give me support and big big love. I can’t imagine, if I am not belong to this family. I don’t know how!

If I say, I can’t live without friends. It’s true! They are so precious. They give their colors to my life. Yea.. I have so many friends and I love to spend my time with them, especially in organization Life even just share about little things. Talking about friends, I learn how to respect each other. They give me a lot of things to learn. And from them, I can feel happy and sad. I really thank God for it. Wait! I remember something.

Hey! Being single is not a crime! One thing that we must remember! Do not ever forget that you still have friends. They’re always there for you

Anyway, I wanna tell you about my beautiful days with my beloved one. I know it sounds ridiculous, I just wanna share about my thought! That’s it. Hmm.. I don’t know what it is. So silly, a little bit weird, and really unpredictable.
Actually, a day when I registered in my university, I look a girl, and I thing I like her. Unprediction I introduce with her but we study in communication major, 2 year latter,I convey that I fal in love with, but unpredictable she push about my love, I think is consequences in loving and in my life stories in university that first I have fal in love with.


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  1. ups..
    berantakan neah cmend nyah..
    mklum yah lwat hp..


  2. Ups…
    tell me about u’r scrt grl…
    when I reat u’r profil.. i think ths’s a good insprtf story…
    yah.. I hope u can get her.. okeh
    spirit ari..


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